2016 NC Race Walk Committee Annual Meeting Minutes


Meeting commenced at 2pm

Attendance: Michael Roth (co-chair), Jo Burrows (co-chair), Kelley Grayson, Emmanuelle Quenum, Sue Kania

Guest: Don Lein Reports & Business

Michael presented event results from 2016 meets. Jo augmented the report as well.
Discussion on active clubs with RW athletes and how to encourage greater participation. 2017 calendar was vetted. Don spoke about SE Masters date and location.
Update on HS Proposal.
Officials recertification and supplying paddles to active RW officials discussed.
Outreach options discussed.
Awards approved for athletes, coaches and officials of the year.
Discussion on bidding for events and hosting RW only competitions.
How to reach out for sponsorship of programs will be ongoing.


Floor opened to all interested parties.
Jo made motion to continue with the current co-chair system and nominated the current

Kelley seconded the motion. No Discussion. Emmanuelle called the question. Vote was

unanimous to continue with Michael and Jo as committee co-chairs for the upcoming term. Meeting was adjourned at 3pm