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From the desk of Jimmy Stuart. If you haven't subscribed you should now!
From the desks of Don Lein and Dick Forbis. The Award was given to the former Paul Hronzak.
Submitted by Association Secretary, Donnell Mitchell.
From the National Office. Articles include SafeSport Compliance, Association Accreditation and 2016 USATF membership cards
2016 USATF Rule Book | 1/19/2016
Delores Murray sent this information for everyone needing to download the Rule Book to answer rule changes for 2016

2016 Officials Meet Opportunities Site  
2016 NCUSATF Officials Certification Clinics Scheduled 
NCUSATF Officials Clinics are scheduled on sites across the state.  To date approximate 52 of 257 officials have attended.  These clinics are mandatory for complete "full" certification.  SafeSport Training is on their agendas.  SafeSport is mandatory to complete USATF Certification. Picture list the clinic held at UNC Chapel Hill.



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