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From the desk of Jimmy Stuart. Updated recertification Information, including all lever reviews. Annual meeting Clinic Schedule.
From the desk of Roger Burbage, NC Officials Chair. What is needed prepare for your recertification..
From the dest of Jimmy Stuart. More recertification information, a must read! Rules Review Comments Requested. NOC Committee Meeting Minutes. National Officials Hall of Fame. USATF National Officials Comm. Awards Finalist. Updates on Annual Meeting....
From the desk of Richard Schornstein, National Officials Committee, Vice Chair - Training. This should be read by all recertifying officials, it is the process that all must complete. Web sites instructions should be carefully read and followed. Master T&F; National/Master RW and Implement Inspector Reviews are added
From the desk of Pam Betz, USATF Southeast Region Representative

2016 Officials Meet Opportunities Site  
2016 Paralympic Game Results
2016 USATF Master Championships
2017 USATF Championship Apps can be found on your
2017-2020 Officials Recertification Process and Application  Reviews for all levels have been added
NCUSATF Officials Clinics schedules for the 2017 Season.  UNC Chapel Hill clinic time has been changed.
USATF Level 1 Opportunity: Columbus, OH



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