2018 USATF News

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Dear USATF Members,

All members of our organization are valued members of Team USATF. We know that usatf.org is an important part of your membership experience - it is where you go for national championship information, to renew your membership, purchase USATF gear, and much more. We sincerely apologize for the issues related to speed and functionality of our website that so many of you have been experiencing, including instances when the website has been down. We are working to address those issues.

USATF presently is working to completely rebuild the USATF website. That is a costly process that will take time to properly implement, but in the meantime, we are putting into place several measures to help improve website performance in the short term:

  • We are immediately increasing our CPU over the next several months to help alleviate the slowness issues with the site.
  • We are moving to new servers and upgrading the operating system.
  • We are increasing the monitoring of our website to be more responsive when and if the site goes down.
  • We are changing and improving our hosting company, to better protect the website - and the data that resides on it - from malicious hackers.
  • We are rebuilding our Content Management System (CMS) in a cost-effective way that will keep costs as low as possible while delivering a functional system to our users and constituents. This process will take several months to a year.
We understand and apologize for the frustration so many members have experienced. While the measures listed above will help improve basic function in the short-term, a more long-term solution will be coming in the next several months and into 2019.
Thank you for your membership and for being part of the World's #1 Team.
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