Officials Update regarding NCAA Video Use


 Response form Bob Podkaminer.  There has been no change to the rules regarding Video taping or use of electronic devices:


several answers.

1.  definition of a round: rule 6-1.1d. 

A round is the completion of all trials at a bar height in a vertical event or the

completion of one rotation of the order of competitors for other field events.2.  rule 4-3.6a.1


The viewing of a videotape or photos, or the use of any wireless

communication device by a competitor during event competition.


3.  additional NCAA rules     rules 4-3.10 through 4-3.12

Competition Area

ARTICLE 10. The competition area is defined by the games committee or meet

administration. It is normally the designated area of the stadium separate from

the area used by spectators or an off-site area specifically designated for use by

competitors in an event, and it may include the warm-up area.

Competition Area Access

ARTICLE 11. Governing access to any competition area is a function and

responsibility of the games committee. A portion of the normal competition

area shall not be set aside for coaches in any championships competition, unless

authorized by the games committee. When authorized, this area remains part of

the competition area. An area outside the competition area, as close as feasible to

the competition, shall be reserved for coaches.

Electronic Devices

ARTICLE 12. The use of video or audio devices, radio transmitters or receivers,

mobile phones, computers, or any similar devices in the competition area by

coaches, athletes, competitors, and officials, is prohibited, except as authorized

by the games committee for meet administration.