USATF 40th Annual Meeting

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At this year's annual meeting in Columbus, delegates have the responsibility of electing a nominee to the IAAF Council (and any officer position), and three Board Seats (General Competition, Youth, and Coaches.)  There are additional special elections scheduled in some committees, which are not subject to this memo.

Eligibility for Office

For the USATF nominee to the IAAF Council (including any IAAF officer nominations to be considered), the person elected shall have their name presented to the IAAF for its elections in 2019.  NOTE: Due to the change of IAAF committees to commissions, the USATF Board will consider candidates whose names will be forwarded to the IAAF President by the Council member from the USA or, if none, from the head of the USA delegation to the IAAF Congress.

For the three Board Seats, Bylaw Article 11-B indicates that an individual shall be eligible to be a candidate who has experience and expertise in the particular constituency and shall be elected by that constituency under the election procedures of Regulation 9.

Nominators and Seconders for USATF Officers and Elected Division Chairs 

According to Regulation 9-C-2-b; "Each candidate may have up to a maximum of five (5) nominators.  The nominations must be collectively seconded by at least ten (10) and no more than twenty (20) other members of those nominating constituencies listed above, and include the nominee's written approval."

Pre-Annual Meeting Nominations Activity

By Wednesday, August 1 (120 days before the meeting begins), the Petitions Subcommittee of the Organizational Services Committee will have nominations information and forms distributed to the persons and groups listed. This mailing will include a listing of the positions to be elected and a concise summary of any eligibility requirements.  Paper forms will be made available only when requested.

By Sunday, September 30 (60 days before the meeting begins), nominations and seconds shall be sent to the Petitions Subcommittee of USATF.  In keeping with the move to paperless processes, nominations and seconds should be sent via email to the following email addresses

          Win Eggers           

          Bill Roe                 


The emails should follow a format which provides the Panel with the same information as on previous paper forms:  For clarity and completeness, please COPY the text below and PASTE it into the body of the email.  Complete it, and send it to the Panel:


            Name of Nominee

            Position Nominee is seeking

            Position Nominee currently occupies which qualifies him/her (if applicable)

            Nominee's USATF Membership Number

            Nominee's email address

            NOMINATOR or SECONDER (please DELETE the one NOT applicable)

            Name of Nominator/Seconder

            Daytime Telephone

            Nominator's/Seconder's USATF Membership Number

            Nominator's/Seconder's email address (if other than the account sent from)

The Panel will coordinate and compare submissions on a regular basis during the nomination process and send the information as it is compiled to the candidates, the officers of USATF, and the officers of AAC.  At any point where a nominee has more than five (5) nominators and/or more than twenty (20) seconders, the candidate will be contacted to determine which members should be listed in those categories.

By Monday, October 29 (30 days before the meeting begins), the Panel shall prepare an electronic (PDF) nominations report listing all eligible candidates in alphabetical order, without indicating preference, and circulate it to all nominees and all nominating constituencies listed above.  The report will be posted to the Document Library for the 2018 Columbus Annual Meeting,  and shall contain a statement provided by each candidate.

Annual Meeting Nominations and Elections Activity

Prior to or at the Annual Meeting, further nominations and seconds in support of a new candidate, or one who missed the minimum numbers prior to the September 30th deadline, may be submitted to the panel electronically or in writing to the registration desk prior to the scheduled start of the First General Session on Thursday, November 29.  If presented in writing, please request the correct form from one of the panel members or obtain it from the registration desk.  This requirement includes the ten (10) seconders. There will be no nominations from the floor at the First General Session.

First round balloting shall take place on Saturday, December 1, from 7-11:00 a.m.  The first round results of shall be posted by 1 pm, or as soon as possible afterwards, in several locations, including the registration center.  Protests may be made within one (1) hour after the results are posted.  One of the three (3) Protest Panel members shall be from the Law & Legislation Committee and at least one from the list of Active Athletes provided by the Athletes Advisory Committee (See Regulation 9-C-4.e for more information.)

If necessary, run-off balloting shall take place on Saturday, December 1st from 2-6 p.m.  The Organizational Services Committee shall exercise best efforts to have complete results available and posted in writing in several locations, including the registration center, by 7 pm.  Protests shall be handled in the same manner as during the first round.

Governing Bylaws and Exhibits

For more information about the Bylaws, Regulations, and Exhibits governing the delegates, constituencies, nominations and elections, consult the following in the 2018 Governance Handbook:

SUBJECT                                                           ARTICLE                         SECTIONS

Delegates to the Annual Meeting                       Article 7                           All Sections

Meetings of USATF                                           Article 8                           Sections A, C, D, E

Credentials for voting in USATF                       Article 9                           All

Board of Directors                                             Article 11                         Section B

Voting in USATF (including nominations)       Regulation 9                     Sections A, B, C, D

Committee Elections                                         Regulation 9                     Section E

Delegates Representation                                  Exhibits C, D                    Full Exhibit

Sports Committee Voting Membership             Exhibit E                          Full Exhibit




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