USATF Bylaw and Regulation Amendment Proposals

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USATF Bylaw and Regulation Amendment Proposals

2017 is a Law & Legislation year at this year's USATF Annual Meeting, meaning that general amendment proposals to the Bylaws and Operating Regulations will be considered.

The Law & Legislation Committee requests that amendments be submitted no later than September 1 to allow proper review and submission to USATF members. Amendments must be submitted to Jim Murphy, Law & Legislation Chair, via email to, copying Norman Wain, USATF General Counsel:

Amendments may be submitted only by USATF members. All proposed amendments must first be recommended for approval at the time of submission by someone other than the submitter who shall be either a Board member, the chair of any sport, development, or operating committee, any member of the Law & Legislation Committee, the president of any Association, or any officer or the executive director of a national member organization authorized by Article 5-C. The approval must be in writing, dated, and placed on the proposal when submitted. These listed approval parties may submit proposed amendments directly without such an approval.

The Submission must be in the following format to be considered. If it is not, it will be returned. You may enter it in the space below and forward if you wish or cut and paste the format. The submission may be more than one page long:

Name of the Submitter:
Name of Person recommending it for approval if you are not a designated Recommender (please append a copy of the recommendation):

  1. Action requested: Specify the specific location of the Bylaw (e.g. Amend ARTICLE 21 AMENDMENTS.E. Submissions.1. Deadline to submit) or Regulation (Amend REGULATION 16 ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION.H. Law & Legislation Committee.1. Duties and responsibilities) that you wish to amend. You may submit more than one change on a form provided they are related (e.g. to amend a Bylaw and related Regulation(s). If they are not related, please submit another Amendment Form.
  2. Proposed amendment: Each submission shall include the proposed amendment in a form showing the entire section, subsection, or paragraph, as the case may be, as it will read if adopted, with all proposed additional language underlined or shaded, and all proposed deleted language containing a line striking thorough the deleted language. Please cut and paste from the Bylaws and Regulations which are on line in the Word format.  DO NOT USE TRACK CHANGESsince later cutting and pasting eliminates the original language. If you wish to insert a place holder to be considered next year when only tabled items will be considered, you may state that here.
  3. Rationale: Each submission shall also contain a section called "Rationale" in which the submitted shall explain the proposed improvement or identify the problem the proposed amendment would correct, why the problem exists, and how the proposed amendment will correct the problem identified. The submitter shall also provide an analysis of whether the proposed amendment will conflict with any other provisions of the Bylaws or Regulations.
  4. Constituencies affected: Each submission shall also contain a section titled "Constituencies Affected" in which the submitter shall state which constituencies of USATF will be affected by the proposed changes and how they will be affected. Finally, the submitter shall explain how the change advances the mission and operation of USATF.
  5. Estimated budget impact: Each submission shall also contain a section titled "Estimated Budget Impact." If there is a budgetary impact, it shall be estimated with the submission. The submitter shall consult with the Director of Finance who, in conjunction with the Treasurer and/or the chair of the Budget Committee of the Board, shall assist with developing the estimated budget impact. National Office Management shall be provided with the legislative proposals in a timely manner.
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