USATF Officials Newsletter - MARCH, 2017


Important Updates


Here are some updates on issues that affect all of us:

Certification: For over a year, the certification process has been a source of frustration for many. Even this year, as we all work to complete the recertification process, it has been delayed. However, we are in the midst of working with the USATF national office on a major upgrade to this process. I won't take up space with all of the details, but once it is completed we will be set for the foreseeable future. We are working on a couple of remaining issues this week and should get everything operational soon. When it is ready, we will be let the Certification Chairs know and they will be in touch with you. I appreciate your patience and, especially, the patience of our Certification Chairs. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me or to Roger Burbage, our Vice-Chair for Certification.

Certification Deadline: Because of the delays in the recertification process, we are pushing the deadline for recertification back to May 31 for this year. HOWEVER, it is essential that you make sure your USATF membership is current for 2017 and that you complete your SafeSport and Background Screening as soon as possible. You need to do those things even if you haven't completed your Rules Review.

Insurance: We have been given assurances from the USATF national office that they will continue to pay for insurance coverage for officials indefinitely. You can learn more about the insurance coverage that comes with your USATF membership and certification here:

Liability Waivers: Officials are sometimes asked to sign a waiver before working a meet. Please be cautious and informed when asked to do this and read over the waiver carefully. If you have questions or concerns about a waiver that you are asked to sign, please forward it to me and I will have our Insurance Committee and other knowledgeable individuals review it.

Membership Profile: If you do not access your USATF Membership Profile, I encourage you to do that. In the near future, that will be your point of access for viewing your certification information (as well as your USATF membership information), entering your shirt size, uploading certification photos, etc. You can access your profile at

National Shirts: The first shipments of our National Officials Shirts have gone out. We have discovered that they seem to be sized smaller than many shirts, especially in women's sizes, so please keep that in mind when ordering. If you have received a shirt that doesn't fit, you can email with your name, address, and correct shirt size and you will be sent a new shirt along with a shipping label and packet to send the first shirt back to USATF. If you have not ordered your shirt, the process will change with the upgrade to the certification process. Your Certification Chair will have details

Young Officials Grant Recipients: Congratulations to these officials who received Young Officials Grants for 2017 -

  • Tanner Bisbee - Maine Association
  • Deborah Green - Potomac Valley Association
  • David Glasberg - New England Association
  • Cheyenne Hall - Colorado Association
  • Courtney Kromko - Maine Association
  • Candice Pierre - Southwestern Association
  • Alexandra Schober - Adirondack Association
  • Aisling Stephenson - New England Association
  • Clifton Taylor - Utah Association

Mike Armstrong 

Chairman, National Officials Committee


USATF Rule of the Month

Placement of the Hurdle ~ USATF Rule 168.9

Rarely are the "feet" of the hurdle incorrectly placed on the track which is the opposite side of the approaching hurdler. Proper placement requires the edge of the bar nearest the approaching hurdler so it coincides with the "hurdle mark or track marking" nearest the approaching hurdler. See hurdle placement diagram on page 103 of “The Referee – April 2016”.

Do you have a rule that you would like to see addressed by our Rules Chair? Email Laurie Boemker with your suggestions and maybe it will be featured next issue.


Aero Javelins Failing Inspection

Some aero javelins have recently failed implement inspection. Two issues in particular have been confirmed. This applies to some, but not all aero javs. If you or your club owns any aero javelins, please read the replacement policy which has been issued by the supplier. It can be viewed at this link:

Thanks to Ivars Ikstrums for this alert and resolution to this situation.


Did You Know?

The first pentathlon was five events contested over one day. It started with the long jump, javelin throwing, discus throwing, a short foot race and wrestling. It isn't clear how the winner was determined; however, wrestling was the final event!


International Women's Day, March 8th

Thank you to all of our Women Officials and your contributions to our Sport.


USATF Rule Book Update

The physical copies of the 2017 USATF Rule Book are not ready for purchase. I have been advised by the National Office that they plan to have them available on-line within two weeks. PDF copies that can be used with your iPads, Nooks or Kindle can be downloaded from the USATF webpage at


Be Safe Out There


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In Need of Officials?

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