University of South Carolina T&F Officials Application


University of South Carolina

Track & Field Officials Application

Contact Information

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Roommate preference:
*Working officials only
Special restrictions/limitations:

USATF Certification Level: ☐ Apprentice, ☐ Association, ☐ National, ☐ Master

USATF Certification #: ________________________ USATF Membership #: _________________________________

Officiating Interests                                                                                                                                                

Indicate, 1, 2, 3, in order of preference, your top three officiating preferences:
           Clerk                                        Umpire/Lap Counter                                         Starter
           High Jump
            Are you willing and able to put the bar up?   ☐Yes,   ☐ No
            Are you willing and able to retrieve implements?   ☐Yes,   ☐ No
           Horizontal Jumps
            Are you willing and able to rake the pit?   ☐Yes,   ☐ No
           Pole Vault
            Are you willing and able to put the bar up?   ☐Yes,   ☐ No
           Implement Inspection               Electronic Measurement (Laser)                       Electronic Recording
           No preference/Other


Home Schedule
Indicate which meets you ae interested in officiating at:
Indoor Track & Field
______            January 18-19, 2019    Gamecock Inaugural
______            February 1-2, 2019      Carolina Challenge 
______            February 16, 2019          USC Open
Outdoor Track & Field
______ April 13, 2019                 Gamecock Invitational
______ April 20, 2019                  USC Open
Send to Mae Fields-Fulks by email:
Only fully completed applications will be considered for selection.