2019 NCUSATF Association Annual Meeting



NC USATF Association Annual Meeting
Sunday, August 18, 2019 @ 2:15 PM

Hilton Durham near Duke University

3800 Hillsborough Road

Durham, NC 27705



  1. Roll call of clubs:  Conducted by the Secretary to determine presence of a quorum.
  2. Credentials: Report of the Membership Chair on the eligibility of all members claiming voting privileges.
  3. Minutes: Acceptance of the minutes of the previous full meeting of the NC USATF.
  4. Elections: Nominations and elections as scheduled, including special elections.
  5. Amendments: Action on proposed amendments.
  6. Reports: Reports from the President, other officers, and committee chairs as shall have business to come before the representatives.
  7. Other business: New or old business as scheduled.
  8. Adjourment.