South Zone Indoor Championship

Greetings, Youth Chairs and Regional Coordinators! Happy New Year!
Prior to the 2013 Annual Meeting, I sent out the South Zone Meet information. I am sending an update of the South Zone Meet information based on changes at the 2013 Annual Meeting.
Changes in  Zones:
  • Region 12 including Gulf Association, Southwestern Association,South Texas Association, and West Texas Association are no longer in the South Zone.  They are now in the newSouthwestern Zone
  • Election of Zonal Officer-  Inez Finch was reelected as South Zone Representative.  Thank you for your support.  Jacqui Collins was elected as Alternate South Zone Representative.
  • Although we now have five Zones, we also have a host Zonal Meet for Potomac Valley Association because they are hosting the National Indoor Championship.  This meet is only for Potomac Valley athletes and athletes from other Zones can not request to attend this meet.  They can request to participate in the other Zonal Meets, Northeast, Midwest, West, or Southwest Zonal Meets.
Attached is the updated South Zone Meet information.  We have also included additional hotel information. Please send this information to all clubs in your association and post information on your website.  If you have already posted, please change to the new updated information. Please remind athletes and clubs of the following:
  • All athletes must be current 2014 USATF members to participate.
  • Athletes must be birth verified to participate.
  • Clubs must be 2014 registered clubs to run relays.
  • Coaches must have 2014 Background Screening with TC Logic, Inc. for free admission to meet.
Registration will open on USATF Registration (CoachO) by January 9, 2014.  Please do your part to help promote this meet.  See you there!
Thank you,